About Onyi Gifts


I'm Janet, a mum of 2 based near Edinburgh and I've always loved creating thoughtful gifts for friends and family, because the joy they get from it always gives me a buzz! Central to putting these gifts together has been a focus on ensuring the packaging could be useful/reused in some way. Aside from that, I’m also increasingly aware of our impact on the environment as well as the need to use products and ingredients which are more kind to our people and planet.

Another area I'm passionate about is inclusion and equality. Specifically championing female entrepreneurship in order to help close the gender business gap because although women make up more than 51% of the UK, only a 3rd own or lead a business. That’s why the majority of our products are from independent women-led brands. There will be a few products by businesses led by men, as we recognise that male allies are key to closing the gender business gap. Proud to be a Black Owned Business and a female owned business. 

I have a real passion for ensuring gifting is an experience and I’ve worked hard to add various touches to the Onyi gift boxes. This is so that long after the recipient of the gift has opened and used the products, they will remember the feeling of receiving and unboxing the gift.


1. Women Supporting Women
Supporting incredible female founders and helping you to discover their products

2. Meaningful Giving
At Onyi we mix products from independent businesses with affordable luxury for that unique gifting experience for loved ones or colleagues/clients. 

3. Circular Economy
We work with suppliers who use natural ingredients, cruelty-free and responsible packaging. Our giftboxes are also designed with reuse in mind.